Honey Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cake



1C Old Fashioned Oats
1/2C Coconut Flour
1/2t Baking Powder
1t Baking Soda
4 Large Eggs (whole)
1/4C Coconut Oil
2/3C Pear Sauce (or Unsweetened Applesauce)
1/2C Honey
4T Poppy Seeds
1T Lemon Extract
3/4C Cashews + Water (to soak)
2t Lemon Extract
1/4C Honey


Preheat oven to 350F and spray a bundt cake pan with coconut oil. Grind 1C old fashioned oats into a flour. Sift in 1/2C coconut flour, 1/2t baking powder, and 1t baking soda. In a large bowl beat 4 whole eggs, 1/4C coconut oil, 2/3C pear sauce, 1/2C honey, 4T poppy seeds, and 1T lemon extract. Bake for 20-25 minutes. While baking, blend 3/4C soaked cashews, enough water to submerge, 2t lemon extract, and 1/4C honey. Summer in a small pot to thicken. Make sure you stir frequently. Flip cake when done baking and let cool. Cover with frosting and serve.

Makes: 12 slices

Serving Size: 1 slice



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