Roasted Veggies w/ Carrot Ginger Dressing



Main Ingredients:
1/2C Carrots
1 medium Zucchini
1 Small Red Onion
1/2 serving Stewed Vegan Lamb Chunks
Coconut Oil Spray
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Garlic Powder
1/4C Shredded Carrots
1-2T Fresh Grated Ginger
1 1/2T Nutritional Yeast
1T Rice Vinegar
1T Soy Sauce


Slice 1/2C Carrots, 1 small Red Onion, and 1 medium Zucchini. Place veggies on a baking sheet and spray with coconut oil. Sprinkle some fresh ground pepper and garlic powder on them and bake until tender, about 30-40 mins at 350F. Meanwhile, blend 1/4C Shredded Carrots, 1-2T Fresh Grated Ginger, 1 1/2T Nutritional Yeast, 1T Rice Vinegar, and 1T Soy Sauce in a bullet. Toss 1/2 serving of Stewed Vegan Lamb Chunks (chopped into tiny pieces). Pour dressing over veggies.

Makes: 1 serving

Serving Size: 1 plate



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