Cajun Cashew Cod Cakes



3/4-1C (about 10oz) Fresh Cod Loin, chopped
1/4C Liquid Egg Whites, 4 Tbsp
1/4C (1oz) Cashew Halves & Pieces (Lightly Salted)
1/8t Cayenne Pepper
1t Cajun Seasoning
1/2t Paprika
Coconut Oil Spray


In a VitaMix, grind 1/4C (1oz) cashews into a flour. Transfer to a large bowl. Finely chop about 10oz fresh cod loin, it makes about 3-4-1C of chopped cod. Add to the bowl with 1/4C liquid egg whites, 1/8t cayenne pepper, 1t Cajun seasoning and 1/2t paprika. Mix well and separate in half. Spray a pan with coconut oil spray and try to form into a patty. Cover your pan with a lid and cook on both sides. I served mine with some fresh wilted spinach and 1/2 slow roasted sweet potato. So delish!

Makes: 2 patties

Serving Size: 1 patty



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