LiveFit Meal 6: Cauliflower Crepes



5 Large Egg Whites
1C Steamed Cauliflower
1/2t Ground Cinnamon
1T Jordan’s Skinny Syrup
Coconut Oil Spray
1T Flax Oil
Strawberry Casein to sprinkle


In a bullet, blend 1C steamed (and cooled) cauliflower chunks, 5 large egg whites, 1/2t cinnamon and 1T Jordan’s Skinny Syrup. Heat a pan on medium-high heat and spray with coconut oil before each crepe. Pour batter in pan and swirl around to coat the pan. It takes a few minutes until it’s flip-able because the cauliflower is so moist. This recipe makes about 5 crepes. I dispersed 1T flax oil between each crepe and sprinkled some Strawberry Casein on them in place of powdered sugar. Who said being on a meal plan is boring?!?

Makes: 5 crepes

Serving Size: 5 crepes



One thought on “LiveFit Meal 6: Cauliflower Crepes”

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