Hawaiian Shrimp & Scallop Salad


6 Jumbo Shrimps (about 4 oz)
1-2 oz Petite Scallops
2/3 Maui Onion
1/4 Red Bell Pepper
1 Large Starfruit
1-2C Green Leaf Lettuce
Fresh Basil
1/4C Plain Greek Yogurt
1/2t Chili Oil
1/2t Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Chop up a medium/small Maui onion, about 1/4 red bell pepper, and 1-2C green leaf lettuce. In a small skillet sauté half of the onion with 1/2t chili oil, 1/2t seasoned rice vinegar, about 5 leaves of fresh basil, 6 jumbo shrimps and 1-2 oz petite scallops. Once everything is cooked, transfer to a bowl and allow to cool while you chop up the shrimp. Stir in 1/4C Greek yogurt and place over chopped lettuce, remaining onion and red bell pepper. Sprinkle some chili flakes on top and decorate with 1 large starfruit. Enjoy poolside at Lai Nani Resort

Makes: 1 large salad

Serving Size: 1 large salad



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